TSA + Security

Man going through security at airport


The security checkpoint opens approximately 90 minutes prior to the earliest flight departure. For a list of permitted and prohibited items, visit TSA.gov.

For more information about TSA Screening, visit our FAQ + Travel Tips page.


TSA PreCheck / Enrollment Center

TSA PreCheck Pop-up mobile enrollment events will be held in Rochester, MN based on the availability of the enrolling agency.

Global Entry enrollments are not available in Rochester, MN. Please refer to U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s website for more information.

The Enrollment Center at the Rochester International Airport was permanently closed effective Monday May 23, 2016.

Alternate Enrollment Center locations and information on TSA PreCheck, HazMat Endorsement and TWIC programs can be found by visiting the Universal Enroll website or by calling 855-347-8371.



Local Enrollment Center location:

Travel Leaders (IdentoGO)

1141 6th Street NW

Rochester, MN 55901